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We are EKULIT!

Welcome to EKULIT! EKULIT was founded in 1976 by Karl-Heinz Mauz and is today a trading company operating throughout Europe. Our products are used, among others, in medicine, telecommunications or security, the toy industry or model making. In addition, we distribute our products through specialized wholesalers for electrical engineering.

Ingo Mauz - CEO
Ingo Mauz


Andrea Aichele - Sales and purchasing
Andrea Aichele

Sales and purchasing

Sina Strobel - Sales and purchasing
Sina Strobel

Sales and purchasing

Stephan Hinrichsen - Technical sales
Stephan Hinrichsen

Technical sales

Marco Kordik

Warehouse specialist

About us

Experts out of passion!

From high quality, to good and cheap, we carry a comprehensive range of electrotechnical components. Well thought-out service concepts, personal advice, fast logistics and above all the enthusiasm for custom-fit solutions, that is what distinguishes EKULIT and inspires our customers throughout Europe. We are in daily contact with our partners and are there where they need us - whether for individual advice on site,

in our workshop to develop exclusive customer requests, on the phone or in digital rooms to respond competently and directly to their wishes. We provide a perfect all-round service. "Experts with passion" sums up what EKULIT stands for. EKULIT is a 100% family-run company and represents firm values that combine tradition and modernity.


History and values

Our history

With courage and entrepreneurial spirit, Karl-Heinz Mauz set up his own distribution business for electrical components in Leinfelden in 1976. With a lot of diligence, enthusiasm and hard work, he built up the company from a one-man business to an impressive trading company. Decades of experience and stable grown business relations stand for a demanded competence in the field of electrical engineering.

Today the family business EKULIT is managed by Ingo Mauz in the 2nd generation. He focuses above all on communication, transparency, dialogue, trust and short-term feedbacks. Both between EKULIT and the customers, as well as with the employees.

History and values

Our values

Our values are the basis for our corporate culture and our daily actions as an owner-managed family business.

We see customers as partners and offer them our support in product development and warehousing. Competent technical advice is just as natural for us as feedback in a spirit of partnership.


Karl-Heinz Mauz GmbH is founded in Ostfildern.


New construction of our high-bay warehouse


Construction of the current company building and move to Nellingen


The first EKULIT website goes online


Handover of the company to the 2nd generation - Ingo Mauz.


Expansion of our high-bay warehouse


The first bee colony moves in with us

The little buzzers

Our swarm

With the same passion as for electrical engineering, we cherish our bee colonies. They are both part of our sustainability plan, supplier for the EKULIT honey, a source of inspiration and strength, and a partner in a research project at the research project of the Apicultural State Institute at the University of Hohenheim.


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