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Remove problematic elements from products

to sustainably reduce environmental impact.

EKULIT - RoHs-compliant

Bild zum Thema RoHs bei Ekulit

Common poisonous electronic substances are known for being highly degrading the environment. Partially it is not possible to prevent them from transfer into nature, are scarcely degradable and accumulate in the cycle of nature. Those substances are to be be banned from products by the RoHS directive.

EKULIT - Speakers

Bild zum Thema Lautsprecher von Ekulit

With our speaker program wie offer speakers from 10-200mm in diameter. Soltered, plug, SMD- or pin connection, packaged with wirings and plugs. Splashproof or high-temperature-resistant, with us you'll find a speaker to precisely fit your requirements.

EKULIT - Warehousing

Bild zum Thema Lagerverwaltung bei Ekulit

We have 90% of our product portfolio on stock in our high-rack storage on 500sqm. That guarantees a very short response time.

Recent news by EKULIT


The SMD-05.3A03

The SMD-05.3A03 is a very small and efficient transducer for SMD processing for the voltage range 2-5V at 80dB S.P.L.! (more…)

The SMD P09A03

Because of the big success from our SMD transducer SMD-P12A03 we develop a smaler version. With the SMD-09A03 we got the actually smallest SMD transducer in our program. (more…)

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