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Motor MBL2418BLDC-12130 860521


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The MBL2418BLDC-12130 is a DC miniature motor with a long life and is very universally.

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Rated voltage VDC 24.0
Gear ratio
Rotation CW
Motor Position All position in horizontal
Temperature °C 0~30
Humidity % 30~95
Performance of Motor
No-load Speed rpm
No-load Current mA
Stall Current mA
Stall Torque
Performance of Gear motor
Output speed rpm 9000±10%
No-load Current mA 70 (max.)
Stall Current mA 470 (max.)
Stall Torque 105
Rated Torque 15
Rated Current mA 160 (max.)
Noise dB 48
The Outside Shaft Length mm 16.1
Shaft End Play mm 0.05-0.50
Screw Size M2.0*0.4
Dia of Shaft mm Ø2mm

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