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Motor 12GA-26D-08220 860505


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“The 12GA-26D-0822 is an extremely small and lightweight gear motor with a very high efficiency. This gear motor is universally applicable. Scope of application: door locks and functional models.”

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Rated voltage VDC 6.0
Gear ratio 1/298
Rotation CW
Motor Position All position in horizontal
Temperature °C 0~30
Humidity % 30~95
Performance of Motor
No-load Speed rpm 16.000±10%
No-load Current mA 35 (max.)
Stall Current mA 600 (max.)
Stall Torque 10
Performance of Gear motor
Output speed rpm 55±10%
No-load Current mA 50 (max.)
Stall Current mA 600 (max.)
Stall Torque 3
Rated Torque 750
Rated Current mA 150 (max.)
Noise dB 50
The Outside Shaft Length mm 26
Shaft End Play mm 0.05-0.30
Screw Size M1.6*0.35
Dia of Shaft mm Ø3*2.5

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