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Experience of over 35 years - the company EKULIT.

The company was founded in 1976 by Karl-Heinz Mauz and stands for quality, ood counselling and short reaction time. In the field of electroacoustics we made ourselves a name in europe and represent EKULIT successfully for over 35 years.

We like to be you at disposal at the new and further development and support experience and competence from long-standing!

Ekulit Firmengebäude

A well-established team – people at EKULIT.

Ingo Mauz Ekulit

Ingo Mauz

Andrea Aichele Ekulit

Andrea Aichele
Sales and purchasing

Stefan Hinrichsen Ekulit

Stephan Hinrichsen
Technical sales

Sina Strobel Ekulit

Sina Strobel
Sales and purchasing

Ingo Mauz Ekulit

Active across a wide variety of sectors – customers of EKULIT.

Our products find their use in the most different areas. Not only in the communication area like intercoms, park systems, register machines or information terminals. But also in the medicine and automotive area. By a steady further development we adapt to the new tasks, use and application areas of the customer individually following the example.

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EKULIT Elektrotechnik
Karl-Heinz Mauz GmbH
Felix-Wankel-Str. 35
73760 Ostfildern

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Recent news by EKULIT


The SMD-05.3A03

The SMD-05.3A03 is a very small and efficient transducer for SMD processing for the voltage range 2-5V at 80dB S.P.L.!

The SMD P09A03

Because of the big success from our SMD transducer SMD-P12A03 we develop a smaler version. With the SMD-09A03 we got the actually smallest SMD transducer in our program.